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# Add new blog post
1. Create new directory at
`/content/talks/yyyy-mm-dd-talk-title-event-name` and `` in
the same directory and populate with the following metadata:
title = "title of the talk"
date = "yyyy-mm-dd"
description = "description of talk, will be displayed in talk listing"
tags = ['gna']
# **Only use author nicks in blog post Markdown files, it is used to lookup author details.**
author = 'imbatman' # speaker nickname
2. Add author details in [`config.toml`](../config.toml) in `authors`
under `extra` section:
# Put all your custom variables here
authors = [
{ "nick"="imbatman", name="Batman", "website"="" },
{ "nick"="superman", name="Superman", "website" ="" }
This information is used to render speaker and author information in
talks and blog posts respectively. **Only use author nicks in talks post
Markdown files, it is used to lookup author details.**
3. Add content to about the talk to the file created in step 1.
4. Add talk-related resources like slides and related material in the
directory created in step 1. They will be accessible via relative
URLs. For instance:
➜ website git:(master) ✗ tree content/talks/22-04-2022-hostea-introducing-hostea-forgefriends-monthly-meet
└── slides
├── 2022-04-22-forgefriends-introducing-hostea.odp
└── 2022-04-22-forgefriends-introducing-hostea.pdf
1 directory, 3 files
## Resources
- [slides(ODP)](./slides/2022-04-22-forgefriends-introducing-hostea.odp)
- [slides(PDF)](./slides/2022-04-22-forgefriends-introducing-hostea.pdf)
**WARNING: Don't storing large images or videos in Git repositories,
using content hosting services and link to them**
5. Commit and push to deploy talk details! 🎉