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Aravinth Manivannan 1568e48eea
feat: raw and single page views for gist files 2022-03-20 21:48:11 +05:30
Aravinth Manivannan 5bdbdaf267
feat: display comments on gists 2022-03-13 20:00:42 +05:30
Aravinth Manivannan 95efab95da
feat: load comments in gists view route and comment form 2022-03-13 17:34:18 +05:30
Aravinth Manivannan b89a9004d4
feat: improve gist view styling 2022-03-12 23:47:48 +05:30
Aravinth Manivannan 2323dbf82c
feat: gist view 2022-03-12 18:16:42 +05:30
Aravinth Manivannan 53cb808083
feat: demo user banner on login and register pages 2022-03-08 08:43:46 +05:30
Aravinth Manivannan 92f48b7bfb
feat: add new gist form gets error handling and rendering with
user-provided values on error
2022-02-27 20:14:53 +05:30
Aravinth Manivannan 9e15e04ca5
feat: new gist page and extractors to handle new gist form payload
    REST API for gist creation uses JSON for payload format, which
    supports array. Form doesn't so gist file field names(filename and
    content) follow {KNOWN_PREFIX}{index} semantics, which can be parsed
    while processing request.
2022-02-23 20:34:24 +05:30
Aravinth Manivannan fdbd62a0a6
feat: add error styling 2022-02-23 08:07:37 +05:30
Aravinth Manivannan 6d2b071308
feat: add basic styling 2022-02-21 02:16:00 +05:30