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<h1>Free Forge Ecosystem for Free Developers</h1>
<h1><a href="">Gitea</a> hosting and <a href="/gitea-clinic/">service</a></h1>
<p class="welcome">
Hostea is a self-hostable libre software development suite comprising Gitea and Woodpecker CI with payments integration.
A free forge ecosystem for free developers.
<ul class="index-banner__features-list">
<li class="index-banner__features">Fully managed</li>
<li class="index-banner__features">100% Free Software</li>
<li class="index-banner__features">Fully Self-Hostable</li>
<li class="index-banner__features">Observable and reliable</li>
<li class="index-banner__features">Federation when available</li>
<li class="index-banner__features">Radically transparent</li>
<li class="index-banner__features">Horizontal community</li>
<li class="index-banner__features">Run Hostea and become a service provider!</li>
<li class="index-banner__features">Dedicated <a href="">Gitea hosting</a> and <a href="">Woodpecker CI</a> from 10€/month</li>
<li class="index-banner__features">Clinic to <a href="/gitea-clinic/">heal sick Gitea</a> instances</li>
<li class="index-banner__features">100% <a href="">Free Software</a></li>
<li class="index-banner__features">Radically <a href="">Transparent</a></li>
<li class="index-banner__features">Run by a <a href="">horizontal collective</a></li>
<li class="index-banner__features">25% of the income <a href="">dedicated to sustain Free Software dependencies</a></li>
<li class="index-banner__features">Committed to <a href="">further forge federation</a></li>