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This guide helps Gitea admins perform upgrades safely and provides guidance to troubleshoot problems. It covers [Gitea 1.2.0]( and above.
There are [many ways to install Gitea]( on various Operating Systems, each with their particular challenges and potential for trouble. The scope of this guide is limited to what [Hostea]( uses daily:
* Docker based installation (either [root]( or [rootless]( using the [Gitea images published on the Docker hub](
* Any GNU/Linux based Operating Systems
It is the source of truth that Hostea members use when maintaining the infrastructure and developing the service.
#### Backup
In all cases the only reliable way to perform a backup is with a [synchronized point-in-time snapshot of all the storage used by Gitea]( For instance, if everything (SQLite database + repositories etc.) is on a single QCOW2 disk attached to a virtual machine, a [qemu snapshot]( guarantees the backup is consistent.