[lbrepages] Website, documentation, forms and enhancements on pages server #14

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## Contributions - [setup binary publish](https://dl.librepages.org/librepages/)(1h) - [init website](https://librepages.org)(3h) - [init documentation site](https://docs.librepages.org)(1h) - [librepages/forms](https://git.batsense.net/librepages/forms)(5h): submit forms on all librepages-hosted websites without a backend component - [librepages/forms documentation](https://docs.librepages.org/forms/add/)(1h) - [librepages/librepages contributions](https://git.batsense.net/librepages/librepages): - [custom domain routing + serve files from Git repository](https://github.com/realaravinth/librepages/compare/serve-files)(5h) - [PR preview routing + serving files from Git repository](https://github.com/realaravinth/librepages/compare/serve-files...pr-previews)(2.5h) Logged time is inferred from Git commits Total: 17.5h
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